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The Learning Journey

The ‘Learning Journey’ was created to support pupils throughout their time with us at Havelock. It is a very helpful document for pupils, teachers and parents to capture what is going well and where there are gaps in learning. This is linked to the strategies and dispositions that the children will need to support them in the next stage of their ‘journey.’ Our aim is to create resilient learners who can see their learning through the eyes of their teachers. Click here for more on our Visible Learning approach.

Children work towards achieving targets linked to the national standards for reading, writing, maths and science for the relevant year group or stage in their learning.

Click here to access the Havelock EYFS Learning Journey

Click here to access the Havelock Learning Journey from Years 1-6

The targets are set out like bricks on a wall reflecting the journey towards mastery. Teachers support children to complete them at the end of a unit of work to identify whether they are secure in their learning. Every term they reflect on what they have learned and what their next steps are. This supports them when they write their annual report. At Havelock the children ‘lead’ their reports and their class teacher responds to their comments.

The Learning Journey is shared with parents throughout the year at parent/ teacher consultations.

At Havelock Primary the school council developed our ‘Learning Dispositions’. As a school, we chose characteristics, or dispositions, that we thought would make the most impact on our learning especially when we are in the ‘Learning Pit!’

Each disposition or characteristic is linked to each stage of the learning pit. These are:

  • Embracing Challenge
  • Inquisitiveness
  • Resilience & Determination
  • Creativity
  • Focused Learning
  • Independence

Across the school we use these characteristics in our lessons, developing and embedding skills we need to grasp concepts, embrace new ideas and deepen our learning so we become successful learners.

Click here for KS1 learning Disposition Characteristics

Click here for KS2 learning Disposition Characteristics



“The learning journey helps me remember my next steps to improve my learning in different subjects. I feel really positive when I see how many targets I have ticked off at the end of each term.”


“It helps me to take charge of my own learning. It shows how I have improved and what I need to work on next in my learning.”


“I get really excited and proud when I can tick off a target that I have achieved. I also enjoy looking at my work to write my termly review for reading, writing, maths and science.”