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Havelock Primary School and Nursery

Building our Curriculum

Firm Foundations: Our Intent

Our aim is for the curriculum to encourage pupils to use their rich cultural and linguistic heritage in order to learn from the past and present and become responsible global citizens of the future. Through our UNICEF Rights ethos we have shaped our curriculum to reflect lifelong values such as empathy, compassion, tolerance and equality, giving ownership and responsibility to each child to consider their impact on the world around them.

In order to achieve this we have high expectations of our children by setting out the following building blocks of our curriculum:

1. Our vision is to develop resilient, reflective and resourceful setting learners
2. It is our aim that all children learn to read by the end of KS1
3. There is a clear emphasis on the core subjects across the curriculum; particularly reading, writing, maths and science
4. Vocabulary will be seen as a fundamental cornerstone of the curriculum

Design and Construct: Implementation

The Curriculum overview, mapped out for each year group, shows long term planning, progression and cross curricular links across a year group and Key Stage.

We ensure that we draw out links in language and learning to make it relevant and purposeful.

A sustainable, lasting structure: Impact

At Havelock we equip our children to have the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to build on their existing understanding every year.

Our intent and implementation will support us in our endeavour to create happy, highly engaged, intellectually curious and independent pupils, who have an appetite to learn about the world around them.

Please click here to download 2018 – 2019 Curriculum Maps

Curriculum Map Nursery

Curriculum Map Reception

Curriculum Map Year 1

Curriculum Map Year 2

Curriculum Map Year 3

Curriculum Map Year 4

Curriculum Map Year 5

Curriculum Map Year 6

National Curriculum PoS for Primary School

Humanities Curriculum Overviews 

Year 1 History – Geography Overview

Year 2 History – Geography Overview

Year 3 History – Geography Overview

Year 4 History – Geography Overview

Year 5 History – Geography Overview

Year 6 History – Geography Overview