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Healthy Eating

Havelock Primary School promotes and ensures healthy lunches for all pupils. The decision to implement a healthy eating policy began within the school, stemming from students and teachers and soon branching out to the wider school community. We now have a firm policy in place, supported by staff, students, parents and governors.

School Dinners: 
Our school lunches are provided by Harrison Catering, who specialise in providing fresh, healthy ingredients prepared on site. Children are provided with a variety of foods, always complimented with salads and vegetables.

Online School Meal Payments

Harrison Spring-Summer 2018-2019 School Menu

A school lunch cost £2.30 per day

Free school meals:

Please read the following leaflets to see if you are eligible for free school meals and to support your application







Packed Lunches: 
For children bringing a packed lunch, our policy states that no crisps, chocolate or fizzy drinks are to be brought into school. To support this, fruit and healthy snacks are promoted through lessons, assemblies and parent workshops.

Our healthy eating policy is part of a wider school ethos which strives to maintain the government’s Healthy Schools standards.