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Breakfast Club

We were looking for a healthy positive start to the day for the children, so we created our ‘Wakeup-Shakeup Club.’ It is run by our P.E teacher who is also a qualified first aider. The emphasis is on physical fitness followed by a family style nutritious breakfast.
It runs from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 8:45 am and costs £2 per day. If you are interested please ask at the school office for more information.
The club is very popular with the children as you can see from the comments below:


“I enjoy breakfast club because all the activities we carry out makes my heart beat faster! It is a lot of fun. My friends and I look forward to coming to school early for the club. Also attending the club gets me fired up for learning.”


“The reason why I like breakfast is it helps me stay healthy and physically fit. I really enjoy the new skills I learn when playing various different games. Also, it carrying out the activities provides with the energy I need for the day ahead in school.”

If you are interested in the breakfast club please ask for a letter or more information from the main school office.