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Headteacher Mrs C Rees
Deputy Headteacher, Assessment, CP Officer Mrs H Rupra
Assistant Headteacher/Phase Leader Yr 4-6 Mrs F Abaeian
Assistant Headteacher/Phase Leader Yr 1-3 Ms G Chhina
SENCO/Pupil Premium Mr J Bailey
Early Years Phase Leader Ms M Kochhar
Nursery – Butterflies and Caterpillars Class Mrs M Kochhar / Mrs J Brar (HLTA)
Reception – Ash  Class Mrs R Bhica
Reception –  Cedar  Class Ms T Jones / Mrs T Harithwarna (Maternity Leave)
Year 3 – Alder Class Ms N Foreman
Year 3 – Kowhai Class Ms N Khan
Year 4 – Baobab Class Mrs S Malik
Year 4 – Iroko Class Mrs M Ayo(3 days M-W) / Mr J Bailey(2 days T/F)
Year 5 – Rimu Class Ms A Braid
Year 5 – Willow Class Ms S Aumar
Year 6 – Maple Class Miss T Schai
Year 6 –  Peepul Class Mrs F Abaeian
ICT / EY PPA Mr O Oluseye
PE PPA Mr C Kelly
Nursery Mrs S Lal
YR Ms I Condeco
YR Mrs N Jasrai
Y1 Mrs H Malik
Y2 Mrs P Patel
Y4 Mrs G Dhap
Y5 Mrs A Bhatti
Y6 Mrs S Khangoora (HLTA), Mrs F Samuel
EMA and Year 6 Interventions Ms T Gleeson
EAL Support and Year 3 Ms Y Makowska
Year 2 interventions Mrs P Patel
Reading interventions – Project X Code/R4M Mrs A Bhatti
Social Skills and Speech & Language Mrs A Baines
Speech and Language therapy /EAL Mrs G Bhatia
Lego Therapy & Reading Mrs P Sethi
Phonics / Better Reading Partnership Mrs H Malik
Writing and OT interventions Mrs G Dhap
EYFS language development – Box Clever Ms I Condeco, Mrs G Bhatia,
Mrs S Lal
Year 6 interventions Mrs F Samuel, Mrs S Khangoora
1:1 Statement Support R Jeeva, R Warton, H Malik, U Kayani, K Emery, A Baines
Music Teacher Ms R Fortey (Thursday am)
Breakfast club coordinator Mr C Kelly
School Business Manager Mrs S Purewal
Administrator/Attendance Officer Mrs M Bryant
Admissions Officer Mrs R Devgan
Reception Mrs Sidhu
Reception Mrs Bhatti
Y1 Mrs Matharu
Y2 Mrs Subhrai
Y3 Mrs Dhap
Y4 Mrs Patel
Y5 Mrs Devgan
Y6 Mr Kelly
Year 1 – Elm  Class Ms H Rundall(3 days M-W)/Mrs R Davies (2 daysT/F)
Year 1 – Pine  Class Ms A Lais
Year 2 – Oak  Class Ms G Chhina
Year 2 – Sycamore Class Ms J Brar